Kamis, 26 April 2012

Keindahan dan Arti Nama-nama Jepang dan Jenis Pekerjaan-nya

Maaf kawan, judul postingan ini tidak seindah seperti isi-nya, 
postingan arti nama-nama Jepang berikut hanya-lah humor yang 
nge-trend di tahun 2003-an. hehe.. 

Nama-nama orang Jepang dan jenis pekerjaannya.
> Kuraba Sakumu --> Pencopet.
> Sayabisa Urusi --> Calo.
> Nikita Sukanari --> Penari di tempat hiburan.
> Samakami Sampepagi --> Cewek penghibur di nightclub.
> Takasi Kamucoba --> Sales door to door.
> Kosewa Rumaku --> Pemilik rumah kontrakan.
> Kitakasi Murasaja --> Seorang pemilik toko.
> Minumi Kabeh --> Seorang pemabuk.
> Itumu Akuraba --> Orang gatal, psikopat seks.
> Nanako Kasisamakita --> Menerima pakaian dalam bekas.
> Yukasi Kitaterima --> Kasir.
> Akusuka Takuti --> Preman.
> Mukamu Sayabedaki --> Pekerja salon.
> Sini Takupotongi --> Tukang pangkas.
> Ayodiri Satusatu --> Pemimpin upacara baris-berbaris.
> Takada Gaji --> Pengangguran.
> Aigaya Sanasini --> Fotomodel.
> Kitabuka Kamupoto --> Fotomodel p*rno.
> Akubuka Kamumasuki --> Penjaga pintu gerbang.
> Sukabawa Sayuri --> Tukang sayur.
> Tyada Ruma --> Gelandangan.
> Yukira Kitaawasi --> Pengawas Pajak.
> Aisuka Susumu --> Penjual pakaian dalam wanita.
> Kanji Kitakasi --> Tukang jual tepung.
> Maunya Chiumi --> Parfum tester.
> Kuobati Anumu --> Dokter penyakit kelamin.
> Kusabuni Itunoda --> Tukang cuci.
> Satemura Oke --> Tukang sate.
> Disini Adaguchi --> Penjual keramik.
> Masimuda Masutipi --> Artis cilik.

Rabu, 25 April 2012

Benefits of rivets connections for construction

Rivet connection is one method to connect a simple, short rod with a head at the top, the middle of the cylinder body and a conical bottom beheaded as a tail (see picture). Construction of the head and tail are made to withstand the permanent position of the rivets in place. Rivets body designed to be very strong to be able to withstand the load when the connection is functioning.

Materials commonly used for making rivets are steel, brass, aluminum, and copper on the type of connection or load received by the connection. Connection with the use of rivets is to keep the connection because the connection is opened when it should destroy its rivets and can not be reinstalled, but replacing the rivets with new ones.

Rivet connection is generally applied to bridges, buildings, boilers, tanks, ships, and airplanes. Use of this method to connect with rivets is also very well be used for connecting aluminum plates. The use of rivets are generally used today for hard plates welded and soldered to the relatively small size. Each rivet head shape has a distinct purpose, each type has peculiarities in its use.

Senin, 23 April 2012

Tips and How to Make a Good Swimming Pool

For those of you who like to swim and swim all the time, then make a swimming pool in your home is the right choice to accommodate your wishes. There are a few tips to make swimming pools, among them:

Creating a patio or pool deck or pools dallas can use the wood deck, floors with natural stone, stepping stone arranged neatly, or one with a terrace of houses. The selection of natural stone can also be applied. Noteworthy is the terrace that we make must be anti-skid or smooth. Of course the safety and comfort a major factor in making the swimming pool. Pool surface height no higher than the patio or pool deck. It is intended that the user experience is still accommodated pool.

Use the edge of a swimming pool that does not taper. Good edges, preferably rounded at the corners. The goal for security in the swimming pool. Make an elegant pool. This meant that the pool is much easier in terms of cleaning or maintenance.

Water depth pool for adults between 1.4 to 2 meters. As for the children's pool, a depth of not more than 0.5 meters. Surface is not slippery.

Natural stone with rough surfaces is also a good choice. With a mosaic floor tiles can also be applied, if you like the mosaic design. Also avoid too tapered shape. The goal for the treatment pond is not very difficult. Pool water circulation system with good support in the comfort of the pool. Provision of overflow or spillage of water in the pool, can add a comfortable atmosphere in the area. Similarly, some tips on making the swimming pool.

Rabu, 18 April 2012

Dallas Pool Supplier - Serving Dallas and Surrounding Areas

Our Dallas pool professionals are committed to offering the best in pools dallas and spa design, installation and maintenance with many options including but not limited to, lighting, mosaics, tile inlays, custom finishes, decorative concrete and stonework, deck jets, sheer descents, cascades, various pool cover options and more. If you are looking for swimming pool builders in Dallas, Texas look no further. We service all Dallas and surrounding areas.

We are your one stop builder and there is no reason to look elsewhere. Our advanced composite pools or ACP are much stronger than gunnite (concrete) pools and can flex several inches while Inground without damage. Our non porous surface are much easier on knees and elbows, while not allowing algae and growth matter to harbor. Less dirt and scum lines and much easier to keep clean and maintain also less cleaning and no acid baths. Our quote will provide you with and include the following:

Necessary excavation building delivery and installation of the pool shell. Appropriate pump depending on pool size and features, a ladder, up to 40 tons of specific backfill material, per Viking specifications required for lifetime pool warranty. Installing the equipment pad, haul the dirt away or re-grade depending on the site, manual cleaning equipment, start up chemicals, LED lighting with remote control, Choice of sand or cartridge filter, auto chlorinator, 3 feet of concrete cantilevered decking completely around the pool, dewatering system, all necessary plumbing, skimmers, returns, anchors, cups, escutcheons, grading, and maintenance kit, for water temperature, cleaning and basic maintenance. Your quote will provide complete pricing with a personal backyard onsite design inspection. This will allow us to consider setbacks, easements, and access. This is all necessary information in providing a quote with accuracy and all inclusive pricing.

Selasa, 17 April 2012

DLP projector lamps, projection lamps with the best technology

Digital Light Processing (DLP) is known DLP projection lamps, a proprietary technology developed by Texas Instruments. How it works, the light from the lamp is directed through the LCD panel, using a lens and projected onto the screen. Lamps used in light bulb inside the projector type, with the best technology and each projector has a different wattage types. Simply type of light is divided into three, ie incandescent, fluorescent lamp and LED lights. These are discussed below.

Incandescent light: an ordinary electric light, the shape is usually round, and we call it 'light bulb'. The system works fine with the ignition wire in a glass vacuum bulb. It was a wire filament carbon. Now the lamp filament is using materials of tungsten. Incandescent lights are artificial light sources generated by the distribution of electrical current through the filament, which then heats up and produces light. Glass that surrounds the hot filament is blocking the air to get in touch with him, so the filament will not directly damaged by oxidation. The main components of the incandescent light bulb is made of glass, filament made of tungsten, the base consisting of filament lamps, light bulbs, gas filler, and the leg lamp.

Fluorescent lamp: the lamp tube, TL stands for Tubular Lamp, which is kind of tubular gas discharge lamps. Contains a low-pressure mercury vapor. Ultraviolet radiation caused by the gas ions of mercury, by the phosphor coating inside the tube to be emitted in the form of visible light. Electrode attached to the ends of the wire coil tube will glow and light up when powered. Fluorescent lamp is also known as fluorescent. Fluorescent lamps can produce light more efficiently than incandescent bulbs.

LED lights: stands for Light Emitting Diode or diode light. A semiconductor that emits incoherent monochromatic light which, when given the forward voltage. The resulting color depends on the semi-conducting material used, and can be near ultraviolet or near infrared. LED lights have several advantages of the previous conventional lamps are often used as a fluorescent, and other bulb. Therefore, the LED lamps commonly referred to as the lights of the future, and began to be used from now on.

The advantage gained when using the LED lights can save on electricity bills, generate less heat, free from the dangers of mercury, far more durable, and the LED lamp has an elegant design, it can even beautify the interior of the room.