Minggu, 25 Desember 2011

Segala hal terkait "Aset Tidak Berwujud"


Tujuan dari Pernyataan ini adalah untuk menentukan perlakuan akuntansi bagi aset tidak berwujud yang tidak diatur secara khusus pada standar lainnya. Pernyataan ini mewajibkan entitas untuk mengakui aset tidak berwujud jika, dan hanya jika, kriteria-kriteria tertentu dipenuhi. Pernyataan ini juga mengatur cara mengukur jumlah tercatat dari aset tidak berwujud dan menentukan pengungkapan yang harus dilakukan bagi aset tidak berwujud.

Ruang Lingkup
Pernyataan ini harus diterapkan dalam akuntansi untuk aset tidak berwujud, kecuali:
(a) aset tidak berwujud yang diatur oleh standar lainnya;
(b) aset keuangan seperti yang didefinisikan dalam PSAK 50 (revisi 2006): Instrumen Keuangan: Penyajian dan Pengungkapan;
(c) Hak penambangan dan pengeluaran yang dilakukan dalam rangka eksplorasi, pengembangan dan penambangan mineral, minyak, gas alam (sebagaimana diatur dalam PSAK 29: Akuntansi minyak dan Gas Bumi) dan sumber daya lainnya yang tidak dapat diperbarui.

Jika Pernyataan lain telah mengatur jenis aset tidak berwujud tertentu, maka entitas menerapkan Pernyataan tersebut, bukan menerapkan Pernyataan ini. Misalnya, Pernyataan ini tidak dapat diterapkan untuk:

Karena artikel ini amat sangat panjang... untuk selanjutnya bisa di baca di ethasyahbania

Advantage Term Life Insurance, online

You certainly are familiar with life insurance, and have often heard the words "life insurance". What is life insurance? Life insurance is insurance that serves to provide protection for the family or the beneficiary if the insured dies. That is, life insurance equal to transferring the risk of revenue loss to the Insurance Agency, so that if the insured dies in the future then the insurance agency will bear the cost of living heirs in accordance with the contractual agreement between the purchaser of life insurance and insurance agency.

So, if you as the head of the family in your household and buy life insurance from an insurance agency, it means you have to anticipate the potential loss of income at any time if you die then the insurance agency will provide the sum assured to the family you leave behind that can be used as a substitute for the lost revenue though for a while. While insurance agencies benefit from the premiums paid by the insured.

There are various types of life insurance, including term life insurance, namely life insurance where you pay a premium to the insurance companies, and companies will guarantee your income if within the period of such pernjajian you died. Then your heirs will receive the sum assured. Today there are many institutions or insurance companies who receive the service life insurance, there are conventional, there are online, among the life insurance online is www.advantagetermlife.com, where you can purchase insurance with great ease. And there are many options and you can compare prices offered. Once you decide to join, you only have to choose the term and fill out the form provided. If you are interested please visit and study in advance by visiting advantagetermlife.

If you are a Muslim, be careful in choosing insurance products because it involves the religious laws.

Sabtu, 24 Desember 2011

Adab dan Berhati-hati dalam Bersumpah

Dari Umar radhiallahu'anhu, Rasulullah shallallahu'alaihi wasallam bersabda: "Janganlah engkau bersumpah dengan bapak atau ibu kalian, tetapi barangsiapa bersumpah, maka hendaklah bersumpahlah dengan nama Allah."

Seorang muslim hendaknya tidak bersumpah kecuali dengan Nama Allah saja dan tidak dengan: "Demi Allah demi Rasulullah", atau selainnya yang menggandengkannya dengan Allah atau selain Allah. Sebab hal ini terlarang dan tidak sah sumpah tersebut.

Selain itu, sebaiknya seorang muslim tidak terlalu mudah untuk bersumpah apalagi terkait hal-hal sepele, karena akan menjadikan kebiasaan dan tidak akan baik pada akhirnya.

Kamis, 22 Desember 2011

Cooking is More Fun with Cake Baking Sheet

To create different types of cakes, mothers usually use a baking sheet. A variety of pan in circulate in the market, some made of glass, there are trays made ​​of such metals zinc, pan sizes also vary, a large pan that will produce a cake or bread that are large. To get the right baking pan you will use in making a birthday cake, for example, to make pies, baked goods and desserts, there are some things to consider.

One thing to consider is the material used baking pan. Metals and glass are the two materials commonly used for baking. Metals are usually low cost, lightweight, durable and easy to clean, besides durability and better heat retention. For example to make bread, you should use a metal baking pan. You will rarely see the baker goods made ​​of glass while visiting chef bread merchant. While the pan is made ​​of glass is usually used for dishes that require little hot cakes.

Besides the main thing to consider when making a cake using the pan is whether the non-stick pan? If the pan is not nonstick baking will make the show so much longer and tedious, usually the mothers would use a baking sheet.

Non-stick baking sheet that is very helpful to accelerate, simplify, and make your cooking more enjoyable event. By using a baking pan that comes with a sheet cake you will get better results, the cake is not a mess, and quickly cooked.

Rabu, 21 Desember 2011

The Great Benefits of Industrial Microwave Heating and Drying

Did you know that the microwaves were created when the first world war two, when it is the researchers used a vacuum tube that has a micro wavelength between 1 mm and 3 cm. In 1946, Dr. Percy LeBaron engineer who worked at Raytheon Corporation when he was in his study, he found the candy in his pocket melted. Dr. Percy realizes microwaves has led his own candy melts. After experimenting, he concluded that microwave cooking can accelerate when compared with conventional oven cooking.

Then the researchers continue to develop the type and usefulness of the microwave, so the days are so much mirowave on the market, consisting of various types and capabilities, ranging from micorwave for households up to industrial scale. One of the leading companies that have been experienced for 60 years in the field microwave industry is www.thermex-thermatron.com.

Thermex-Thermatron offers a wide selection of microwaves for the industry with a variety of features technology for heating and drying. Microwave power is supplied Thermex Thermatron has a large capacity, can improve the quality, efficiency, and maximum results for your company's needs. Product excellence, engineering technology for microwave power supplies, and the solution of the problem, an excess of Thermex Thermatron in serve you.

Sabtu, 17 Desember 2011

NETTROPI Providing the Best Award Trophy and Plaques for your

Man is born to always compete, competition in the beginning when millions of sperm cells to be able to compete strongly penetrate the egg until it forms a human. When it started to grow the competition is always there, until the age of elementary school, middle school, high school, college until a man is always in condition to compete with other human beings. Competition is a natural thing, not an official (not held by an institution), and occurs throughout life, as natural a winner does not get the trophy as the competition that occurs because of the activities made ​​by the organizers of such an exercise which the winner will get a trophy according to the champion category 1, 2, or 3.

Cup is an award given to a person or group of people because it managed to be the best in a race. There are various types of trophies and many kinds of creatures. The materials are generally made ​​for the trophies were selected from high quality materials. One company that sold trophy provider of online is www.nettrophy.com. Nettrophy provide various kinds of trophies for various events such as soccer, baseball, basketball, poly balls, and other race.

Nettrophy provide a specially designed trophy, unique, creative, and of high quality materials such as from acrylic, crystal, and glass. Provided any trophy consists of a variety of colors and shapes adapted to the event and customer orders. Nettrophy have products that will satisfy your trophy. Cup that we create will be very proud of your award and the winners have been accomplished. Nettrophy also provides for the award plaques are custom made and there just to satisfy you.

A variety of interesting boot shoes accessories

Mall is the place of all traded goods, ranging from cheap to very expensive. Because it almost every day people passing by at the crowded mall, there is just wash the eyes, there is a purpose to the movies, and more a destination for shopping. Various kinds of goods they buy ranging from daily necessities to the only lifestyle.

Talk about the lifestyle of modern people tend to change clothes being worn, all done just to look stylish. One is equipped to look fashionable shoes. Today there are many shops selling shoes and accessories. In today's Internet age, the easiest way to membelanja shoes and accessories is through Internet sites, because we do not need to leave home and of course this can save on your expenses, one online store that is quite popular is www.westernexpressinc.com. This site sells almost all kinds of pakian that will make you more fashionable and appear confident.

www.westernexpressinc.com sells shoes and accessories that you can choose at will. With affordable prices you can have a unique shoe that can make you look more stylish. How? if you are interested we are ready to serve you, we already have customers almost all over the world, all have felt the slope give satisfactory service.

Boot shoes we offer are high quality shoes with a very interesting choice of accessories that make you more stylish and confident. We are waiting to serve you with the best service.