Senin, 27 Agustus 2012

iPad Apple Tablet Shipments Still Dominate

The global market for tablet devices and the continued growth predicted to exceed 100 million units in 2012. This was disclosed by the research institute ABI Research on Thursday (08/23/2012).

As quoted by AFP, according to ABI Research, April-June quarter setting a new record for tablet shipments of nearly 25 million units-up 36 percent from the previous quarter and 77 percent year-over-year.

Shipping for the Apple tablet, the iPad dominates the achievements of nearly 69 percent of total shipments.

"The most impressive thing about 17 million tablet shipments Apple (iPad) for the second quarter nearly equaled the total 17.3 million shipments worldwide in 2010 for all vendors," said Jeff Orr, an analyst at ABI.

That includes shipping nearly a million iPad 2 to U.S. education customers, which cost less.

Samsung with its Galaxy Tab sales occupy the second largest with more than 8 percent, followed by Amazon and Asus Taiwan, while Dell and LG pulled out of the market.

With the new tablet from Google, Nexus 7 entered the market and Microsoft Surface tablets, ABI said it expected the growth trend will continue.

"Tablet market is on track for 102 to 110 million shipments worldwide for the full year 2012," said Orr.

Many analysts believe that Apple will launch a smaller version of the iPad this year, and that Amazon will release the Kindle Fire version upgrade.

Microsoft also has announced to release a tablet Surface at the end of October. Acer and Asus of Taiwan to plan their tablet will use Windows 8 from Microsoft.

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