Selasa, 28 Agustus 2012

iPhone 5 Release on September and iPad Mini in October

Apple will release two leading products in late 2012. Newest generation iPhone will be released in September and iPad Mini in October.

The news is not just speculation, but spoken by some reliable sources to technology website AllThingsD.

On September 12, Apple will hold an event in San Francisco. There, the latest iPhone will be released. After that, Apple will release a smaller iPad, less than 8 inches, in an event held in October.

AllThingsD According to sources, Apple intentionally separating the scheduled launch of two devices. Therefore, they are an important product that will really attract public attention.

Similar disclosed a writer and a fan of Apple, John Gruber. According to him, companies that have a clever marketing strategy was to launch two important products in a single event.

Apple wants both products into the spotlight of media coverage-media technology continuously. With the new generation iPhone and iPad Mini, Apple will meet ahead of the news content technology end of the year holiday season.

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