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Ways Business Online Store by Amazon Founder

Amazon has the status as the world's largest online store. Its founder Jeff Bezos was named today is one of the richest people in the world.

Not just selling, Amazon is also a manufacturer of the hardware business success. Their products such as digital book reader Kindle and Kindle Fire tablet PC success in the market. Here are some tips according to Jeff Bezos may be used as inspiration to succeed in business online store.

A. Dare to take action & Risk

 Jeff Bezos said he did not ever hesitate to take action, not just talk. Even if what he passes not work, he still wanted to try and take risks.
"If you decide that it will only do things that you know will be successful, you will leave so many opportunities," said Jeff a while. 

In 1994, Jeff had an idea to set up shop online. He had hesitated whether to keep the good job or a total build up the Amazon. He chose the latter and ultimately successful.

Bezos also claim to encourage employees to continue to act. Sometimes they fail to produce a successful product for Amazon, but Bezos could tolerate it.
"We want to travel in darkness, and sometimes we find something that really works," said he likens.

2. Minimize Regret 

Bezos did not hesitate to act because he did not want to regret in the future. It set up a business from scratch is gambling. However, although ultimately unsuccessful, he at least tried principled.

"I knew if it fails, I will not regret it. But I know one thing I'll probably regret, that if they did not try," said the man was headed pelontos.

3. Promotion of Mouth to Mouth 

Bezos is one key to success in selling is word of mouth promotion. When he began to build the Amazon, Bezos did not have much budget for promotion.

He considered the only way to succeed is to make the best possible service. So that consumers do their own word of mouth promotion that benefit the Amazon.

"If you build an impressive experience for consumers, they would say to each other about it. It was very powerful," said Bezos.

4. Polar Consumers 

In selling, there is nothing more important than the consumer. Because without customers, the company will collapse. This principle is actually applied by Bezos.

"One of the most important thing is to focus obsessively on consumers. Our goal is to become a company in the Earth's most customer-centered," he said.

Bezos believes Amazon is a major factor of success as they strive to provide the best service for consumers. That's the reason they are better than its competitors.

"If there's one reason we do it better than our peers on the Internet in the last 6 years, it is because we focus on the consumer such as a laser beam," he likens.

5. Continue to innovate 

"The danger is not growing," Bezos said at one point. It appears that he did not want to just get stuck, but continued to invovasi on Amazon.

Amazon initially just selling books. But now the company is selling a lot of things. Even success is also producing gadgets like the Amazon Kindle Fire, tablet PCs are selling well-priced.

6. Stubborn

"It is about finding something you simultaneously have to be stubborn and too flexible," said Bezos. To work or find something, two things are very necessary according to Bezos.

"If you are not stubborn, you will give up too soon. And if you're not flexible, you will not see different solutions of a problem you are trying to accomplish," he explained.

7. Mimic 

Bezos said he did not shy or anti to emulate the good things done by its competitors. Then apply it on Amazon to be better.

"We see our competitors, learn from them, see things they do on the customer and mimic those things as much as we can," he said.

8. Working Hard 

To achieve a good and successful, it requires hard work. It was also believed to be correct by Jeff Bezos. He encouraged people to do something big and make history.

Bezos still even now continue to work hard to develop a business that is already meggurita Amazon. He once said that internet businesses are still in early stages.

"Work hard, have fun, and make history," he advised.

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