Senin, 27 Agustus 2012

Madrid Conceded Again from the Dead Ball, Mourinho Upset

In two matches in a row, Real Madrid goalkeeper collapsed after starting from dead ball situations. With the defeat, Madrid tactician Jose Mourinho, angry.

Hosted Getafe, on 08/27/2012, Madrid must recognize the benefits of the host after losing 1-2. El Real was actually following a promising start with Gonzalo Higuain scored in the 27th minute.

However, that advantage can not be sustained. At minute 53, Juan Valera equalized simultaneously rekindle Getafe. Abdelaziz Barrada host then sealed victory on 75 minutes.

Analyzing the match, specifically Madrid again showed gaps in dead-ball situations in the goal Valera. At that Valera escaped from the escort Sergio Ramos and then headed home following a free kick.

Goals from dead ball situations are also experienced 'The White' in his first game in La Liga, while a 1-1 draw against Valencia. Feels his team have been training hard to anticipate such circumstances, Mourinho was inflamed.

"We've really worked hard to anticipate dead ball situations and there was nothing we could do. Already there's nothing more we can do in terms of setting in that situation," said Mourinho at Reuters.

"Gol (Getafe) and goals nested within our goal against Valencia are two silly goals," he said.

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